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Irwin Weiner ASID - Home design should be fun. Today's featured video is from the TED Conference (Technology Entertainment Design) a few years ago; Don Norman talks to us about the three ways that good design makes you happy.

I'm hooked. Yes, good design for the home can make me quake with delight, anticipation, and excitement - and when I saw the new 2011 Spring Collections from Designers Guild, I was in rapture. See the heavenly Sofienberg Collection, for instance, with the Charlottenberg China Blue Peonies and Bergius Wallpaper (top photo). This is such a twist and respectful nod to Gustavian interiors, I'm visually happy by it all. I find the entire collection great - I love the scale, the humor, and the freshness of it. But here's design philosopher and practitioner extraordinaire Don Norman to explain some of the psychological reasons why these examples of good design make us all happy.


Designers Guild

Another TED video: You'll love this Philippe Starck TED video on "Why Design?"


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