DIY Garden Tips: Raised Beds and Growing Potatoes and Tomatoes

Irwin Weiner ASID - Start your garden planning right now, at the start of spring! Okay, I'm no green thumb, but I have an amazing perennial garden surrounding my weekend home in Bucks County, PA. If I lived there during the week, we'd be all over raising vegetables, but since we're leaving things untended during the week, only the strong survive - and that's shrubs and non-edible plants and flowers. We've just got too many critters, but we like it that way. Our first featured video from Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl, shows you how to make your own raised beds, the secret of growing beautiful masses of cutting flowers and fantastic veggies. For more do-it-yourself help, check out the DIY Network's 19 Top Raised Beds Projects.
This next video shows you tips for growing potatoes and tomatoes - with the three ways to support the growth of your tomato plants. And click here for Design2Share's hunt for the Perfect Heirloom Tomato varieties! It's time to swing into garden action. Happy growing.