Vintage Vera Neumann Linens

The Vera Company

Jay Johnson - Our Design2Share interior design expert Irwin Weiner is away in Venice with a client, and we can't wait to see photos of the resources he'll bring back. Meaningwhile, Irwin told us about some wonderful fifties-and-sixties bedding and kitchen linens he grew up with in Cape Town, and we did a little research into New York's own Vera Neumann. A huge hit in the fashion world - she originated the designer silk scarf and introduced a pop sensibility to clothing - she's widely collected today. Check out the Vera Company website for bits and pieces that are produced today, as well as Vera's book. This video is from Vera devotee and collector, fashion designer artist Francisco Medavog.

It's clear to see that style elements like Vera bedding and linens in Irwin's childhood home played a big role in influencing his future design career. "I never forgot how bright and crazy they were," says Irwin, "and now I'm jaded. I don't like boring, pale bed linens. They look too washed out to me." Check out these Vera eBay offerings, including the Vera Forbidden Fruit plates (fantastic)!