Spring Planning: Plant an English Cottage Garden

Terry Winters Linden Farm Hampshire UK cottage gardenTerry Winters for Guardian News and Media Limited
Jay Johnson - While our Design2Share interior design expert Irwin Weiner is away in Venice with a client, I'm keeping our daily video features going. Our editors and I found a great intro video covering the basics of planning an English cottage garden - more rambling, casual, fragrant, and colorful than typical North American plots. I'm a gardening nut - a weekend warrior - and embraced the cottage garden style seven years ago. Plants are closer together, they interact with hardscape like pergolas and trellises, they're grouped in massive clumps and bunches, and despite the casual and overrun look, they require good pruning and transplanting to keep plants healthy and blooming. Tom Cole from UK's Capel Manor College is your video tour guide, but also check out this article from The Guardian on cottage garden basics. Spring is coming; start planning now!
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