5 Ways to Spin the Color Wheel and Decorate Your Home


Irwin Weiner ASID - Decorating your home with color - where to begin? Most homeowners freeze up inside when faced with daunting color choices. We're here to help.

ONE: Download our free color guide (just click on this link): The All-in-One Guide to Decorating with Color. The guide was made in collaboration with Toronto-based kitchen contractors we highly recommend.

TWO: Here's a nifty overview of how to use the color wheel, with a fantastic list of what the color wheel cannot do: Color Wheel Chart by Renate Hering-Shephard.

THREE: You'll love this helpful, how-to article I wrote on the subject: Color Advice for My Friends.

FOUR: Here's a great Design2Share video that I shot with colleague Nicola Chernicoff: How Do I Choose Colors I Won't Get Tired Of?

FIVE: Finally, we have a Howcast video on a do-it-yourself decorating approach that uses the color wheel as a central motif. We encourage you to use design professionals; we've been trained on how to use color, in all its complexities. But as we say here at Design2Share, if you're bound and determined to take the DIY approach, knock yourself out! And good luck to you as you spin the color wheel.