New Country Eclectic Decorating

Irwin Weiner ASID - There are many distinct home decorating styles, from Country French and High Tech to Mid-Century and Industrial Chic. I happen to like eclectic design above all else, mixing the styles and creating a we-don't-have-to-match-everything interior. I'm tired of seeing everything in matching pairs, and although this video does show a few "correct" pairs, it shows more than anything else an interior that's relaxed, eclectic, and proud of the homeowners' blend of modern and rustic collectibles. Our own Design2Share video tour of a rural Connecticut studio-home will inspire you to start collecting masses of objects on eBay, just for the sure pleasure of seeing well-curated collections and how they have great visual impact. (Or mimic this couple's top-of-kitchen-cabinets collection of vintage sap buckets by going to - see photo above.)