Perfect Design Comes from Within

7 Dots Media

Jay Johnson - I worked a booth at the NEWLIFE Expo this weekend in NYC, and had a ball - a new age ball, that is. This was an opportunity to meet some of the most fascinating people, some complete nutters (aliens are controlling your mind!) but most sincere seekers of a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities. I met Nitin Adsul from Virginia-based 7 Dots Media, and he's just released a new DVD film, a documentary on Kundalini, the evolutionary force and spirit within all people. It's a wonderful visual and spiritual trip, and I recommend you go to the 7 Dots website to explore this further. By now you know that Design2Share supports harmonious home design, whether it be feng shui or simply healthier, more conscious use of green materials in your home decorating and remodeling. Do explore our Feng Shui 101 and Harmony2Share columns regularly for inspiration and information.