Latest Architecture and Home Design Trends

Matthias Horx

Irwin Weiner ASID - This video really got us thinking about the future of home and interior design. This Deutsche Welle German television production summarized European trends, and here in the United States, we tend to lag a bit behind, don't you think? We're certainly embracing the video's projected trends of star architects' futuristic cultural buildings as being creative calling cards for a city, but on the home front, we're still stuck in a rut. (See our video on Euro versus U.S. design.) The European trend is for more beautiful and functional green design and a more open-plan living that focuses on a kitchen integrated with a communal living area so meals are shared social experiences. We're not quite there yet, still holding on to the idea of a formal dining room and separate living room, although open plan is bigger in urban apartments. We'd love your thoughts on Euro trends in architecture and home design.