Hanami - Japanese Cherry Blossom Viewing


Irwin Weiner ASID - It's springtime at Design2Share, and we're alerting everyone to book their tickets for Japan, Washington DC, or the other prime cherry blossom viewing parts of the world. The showy blossoms are at their glorious peak late March through early May (in most parts, late March through early April), and we've had a popular Cherry Blossom Viewing feature before (check it out again and enjoy, including a link to the precise viewing dates in all parts of Japan). This video shows the blossoms in beautiful Kyoto, Japan, a traditional city of temples and a riot of cherry blossoms. The Japanese turn blossom time into a pageant, queuing up in long lines to view the trees at all hours of the day and night. If you can, join in the traditional hanami, cherry blossom viewing - usually in the form of a long family walk or a picnic where you can celebrate spring with food and lots of drink. Pick out a prime spot early and mark your territory with a blue tarp, then enjoy the view. Happy spring!


Earthquake in Japan: Our prayers and best wishes go out to Japan and the entire Pacific Rim effected by tsunami alerts today. Click here for the latest updates.


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