Carnevale in Venice 2011

Antonia Sautter 

Irwin Weiner ASID - Back to Design2Share and New York City! It's great to be home. I just returned from a week in Venice, and it was a magical experience. Carnevale di Venezia is at the top of the European social calendar, and we met folks from all over the world who came to celebrate - some in the streets, wearing costumes or just taking pictures, others with elaborate gowns and costumes that took a year and a small fortune to make. I'll be posting home decor and other design resources from this amazing city in the coming days, but I wanted to share the overall experience of what it was like in Venice for us. This euronews video goes on the streets and behind the scenes on masks, and is great fun. Click on this link for the video and website of our exact experience at the Il Ballo del Doge Venezie, the famous Doge's Ball at the Palazzo Pisani Moretta; this year's XVIII edition theme was ". . . because Life is Magic," and it was - wait until you see the costumes and the decor!



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