Man Cave Decorating: Trick Out All Work Spaces

Irwin Weiner ASID - Sometimes we turn a blind eye to decorating the male-oriented parts of any home, like the den, man cave/media room, basement, or garage. But why? Decorating makes any space more enjoyable to hang out in. Here's a video on using some of their retro merchandise to decorate a garage, workshop, or barn into a more good-to-be-in environment. We liked the "filling station" theme for a retro garage, and accessories like metal paper towel dispensers, thermometers, clocks, and waste bins are practical ideas for anyone working on a car, bedding down a horse, or sharpening a lawn mower. Go antiquing or flea marketing to fill in the decor blanks and add authenticity to the mix, too. Bottomline: Don't neglect the man caves around your home or property; decorate to make all spaces more enjoyable for work and leisure.




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