Salute to French Interior Design

Maison Darre

Irwin Weiner ASID - Back in 2007, fellow designer Nicola Chernicoff and I shot a video on European vs. American Design. Guess what? It's still valid; European designers are more relaxed, infinitely less afraid of color, and appreciate color and whimsy more than American designers.

  • American interior design still tends to be very serious, very traditional, and it's all becoming cliche. 
  • Continental designers appreciate the intrinsic value of individual pieces in the decor scheme, and they love more eclectic and interesting design schemes.
  • Americans tend to be matchy-matchy and decorate a home like a boutique hotel (and that's not a compliment).

Pierre Le-Tan for Maison DarreI want to salute two French designers who carry the European design torch brilliantly:

  • Vincent Darre (see photo above) pushes the envelope. This good-time, party-hearty man puts equal gusto into his creative Maison Darre business, producing individual decor and personal adornment pieces that are works of art. Swoon over his A l'Eau Dali collection and take a photo tour of his home.
  • Didier Gomez (see video below) is comfortable designing celebrity signature fragrances, luxury hotels, or someone's fabulous home. This Paris-based interior designer, furniture and accessories maker, and architect can do it all. Our featured video shows Gomez in his eclectic home - this is what I mean by relaxed, "don't take it all too seriously" decorating.


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