New Landmark at Night

Joelle Lifestyle 

Irwin Weiner ASID - Daylight brings out the beautiful cast iron surfaces of the relatively new Ian Schrager prestige residential building at 40 Bond Street in Manhattan. Sunlight also dapples the graffiti-inspired cast aluminum sculptural wall that fronts the building - so glamorously Gaudi. We took a short video of the Herzog & de Meuron building at night, and loved the way light played off the sculpture and silhouetted passersby. On the home decorating front, ask yourself how your home looks at night. Yard, porch, and garden lighting should add touches of drama - but don't floodlight your entire home; that's garish and grandiose! Take a cue from 40 Bond Street and select interesting surfaces and objects, like a large tree, a bamboo hedge, or architectural detailing and use skillful lighting to dramatize the evening beauty of where you live.



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