Ultimate Bird Feeders

Droll Yankees 

Irwin Weiner ASID - My partner and I have a weekend home in rural PA, and we have a great garden, protected by a deer fence. It's nice to live in Nature, but it's optimum to edit Nature and allow only nice things into your yard. Case in point: bird feeders. Years of mishap plagued us. Possums, squirrels, and raccoons - and those huge crows! - would descend on our bird feeders, chasing away all the cute little colorful creatures we wanted to attract in the first place. One night, I woke up to a racket in our backyard, got a flashlight, crept to the kitchen, shined the beam out the back window, and found three raccoons yanking and pawing at our hanging feeder. The next morning, the feeder was gone and we never found a trace of it!

Did we give up? Not at all. We discovered the Droll Yankees Yankee Flipper (see photo above); it changed our bird feeding lives! You charge up the wire mesh perch/base and it swiftly rotates when pressure is put on it. It literally flips heavy birds and animals off the perch so they can't get at the food. It was hysterical to see a squirrel tossed into space by the perch. I can't recommend Droll Yankees products enough, and they have a squirrel-proof line of feeders worth looking into. This video doesn't feature the Flipper model, but it's a Droll Yankees feeder, and it's certainly mesmerizing to watch. 



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