Kids Design from Charles and Ray Eames


Irwin Weiner ASID - Once upon a time, there was a king and queen and they ruled the Land of Design. His name was Charles and hers was Ray (really Bernice Alexandra), and Charles and Ray Eames made the land beautiful with their artistic design and imaginative use of new materials.

Of course this is not a fairy tale, but Charles and Ray Eames had a profound effect on design and had a great marriage in more ways than one - Ray's art background and Charles training as an architect blended beautifully in many products. Little known is their Colouring Toy, a nifty art and coloring set that wedding their mid-century sensibilities for bold line, pattern, and shape. Watch this quick video and you'll see how the rulers of design - they even showed off new chairs to the masses on the Today Show, and who's doing that in furniture making these days! - conquered little tykes, too.


While we're dwelling on the kiddies, here are some Eames children's furniture and accessories that endure. Click on each photo for more information.




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