Wish List: Artwork and Framing - a Bicoastal Thing

Irwin Weiner ASID - I love the framing services and artwork from Mike McClintock's Lambertville, NJ based store Artfull Eye - and he runs a very successful eBay storefront, too. Mike's work is exceptional, and I always take client framing into him, and have the chance to often browse his packed-to-the-gills shop for artistic goodies, from sculpture and old photographs to paintings and etchings. So that takes care of the East Coast.

Artfull Eye: Abram Molarsky gouache landscape

I have a new client that I'll be doing some framing work with on the West Coast, at Rick's Custom Framing in La Mesa, CA.

Rick's does lovely work with French Mat, and it's a technique that can help you create a lovely Old World look under-glass. I'm purchasing some lovely etchings and woodcuts on eBay around a favorite theme my clients picked out, and using Rick's French Mat materials to add impact and beauty to each framed piece, and also reducing the size and expense of the outer frame so as not to detract from the art and artistic mat themselves. It saves cost on the entire job, and the results (I predict) will be smashing. Click on the photos below for more information on artwork from Artfull Eye, and click on the links above for more info on Rick's Custom Framing.

Artfull Eye: S. Pinto impressionist still life

Artfull Eye: W.W. Swallow Red Pottery Bowl

Artfull Eye: Paul Albert female nude watercolor

Artfull Eye: F. Fuss photograph of a hand food mixer

Artfull Eye: W.S. Horton portrait (self portrait?) of man with pipe

Artfull Eye: Sid Cotcliffe (WPA artist) mixed media study of dead tree and houses


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