Wish List: Libratone Wireless Stereo Speakers

Irwin Weiner ASID - I am definitely not a tech head, but I don't like the way my clients and I are required to set up a room with speakers embedded inside the wall to create a specific acoustic grid within a room. It's sometimes difficult to decorate around in-wall speakers, and external mounted wall speakers look clunky and call too much attention to themselves. And speaker wires - forget about it. 

Enter Libratone, a Scandinavian stereo accessory that provides wireless sound based on Apple computer technology. It's a great way to stream music from your iTunes collection or Pandora subscription - get music from your computer, iPad, or iPhone wirelessly to a chic single speaker (yes, you don't need two speakers) for full-room sound. The speakers are covered in sensuous Italian cashmere in colors that will suit your decor. You can move speakers around or have one per room for a house filled with music. Order through the Apple Store in the U.S. (online or brick and mortar), and watch the video below for a basic introduction to this chic sound system - and decorating - solution. 


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