Our Eight Hanukkah Favorites

Irwin Weiner ASID - I come from South Africa, as our D2S readers know, and grew up in the small Jewish community in Cape Town. Hanukkah (or Chanukah) was never a big occasion, being a relatively minor religious holiday, but here in the States, it's become an alternative to Christmas festivities - a No Child Left Behind program for the holiday season. I wanted to salute Hanukkah in our daily blog, and you'll find Hanukkah features all over the site - but our editors have found eight fun and insightful ways to celebrate the season this year. Click on each photo or video below to check out their favorite online treasures, including recipes, projects and crafts, holiday information and quizzes, a special event, and Hanukkah decor. 

Hanukkah gift baskets galore from The Sweet Shoppe

There are over 840 pages of Hanukkah decor and crafts on Etsy

How to make a Do-It-Yourself Eco-Friendly Hanukkah Candle

Maurice Sendak picks 33 favorite menorahs for this year's NYC Jewish Museum display 

The Enchanted Cook goes all yummy with a luscious potato latke recipe

And we loved these 8 different variations of the Potato Latke recipe for each of the 8 nights of the holiday!

How much do you know? Take the Hanukkah Trivia Quiz at Beliefnet.com

We thought the following video on the Origins of Hanukkah was well done - and you can go to History.com for other Hanukkah related videos, including how-to recipe videos.


We loved these modern Hanukkah tabletop ideas from Apartment Therapy


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