Wish List: Modulightor Lighting

Irwin Weiner ASID - Modernist architect and designer Paul Rudolph created the glamorous and amazing Modulightor Building in NYC, and if you haven't visited it or the Rudolph apartment above the lighting showrooms, you're in for a big treat. Make it a must-see stop as part of your design education. I just took an older Modulightor chandelier fixture - gorgeous! - into the showroom to be rewired for my own kitchen remodeling project in Bucks County. (It will be the showstopper design element in the entire room!), and while there, I was reminded of their great range of lighting. And it was this company, I believe, that revolutionized the way we use lighting today in decorative and utilitarian applications. I've included some of my favorites below; click on the image for more product information. 

Linestra Floor Light (flanked by Paul Rudolph chairs)

Rico Microlux Vanity LightsCorona Chandelier

Trellis Sconce

Wagram Double Table Lights

CH 20 Sirius Chandelier 


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