Irwin's Kitchen Remodeling: The Work Begins

Irwin Weiner ASID - It's not fair that homeowners have to remodel, refresh, and update their interiors periodically. Wouldn't it be grand, for instance, if your kitchen was always the empitome of cutting-edge kitchens and you'd never have to spend another dime on new appliances, cabinets, backsplashes, countertops, lighting, windows ... well, dream on! Jay and I are going through a complete kitchen and back entryway renovation. We just cleared out the kitchen this weekend - a complete haul of every last item, from utensils to cookware - after meeting with our NJ contractor Charles Lee here in Bucks County. We should be closing on our home refinancing on December 23, with demolition starting shortly thereafter. It should take six weeks to complete, so we'll be sealing off rooms for awhile as the work commences. Tonight we're mourning the passing of our original kitchen, which we've termed a "retro" kitchen. I love diners and Fifties dinette furniture, and we recreated a look for this kitchen. The yellow and red color scheme, venetian blinds, seafoam green Formica countertops, and gray linoleum floor were funky. The old appliances (except for a new dishwasher) were decided drawbacks in bad need of renovation. So we're making way for a new transition, and I'm closely identifying with my patient and perseverent clients whose homes are being constantly upended to make way for the latest design face lift. The following video shows me with Italian food expert and celebrity chef Maria Liberati, in the old days of our retro kitchen. Stay tuned for a weekly "Irwin's Kitchen Remodeling" update, complete with pictures and video. We'll show you our progress, and you can laugh and cry along with us!


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