Add a Tropical Touch to Your Home Decor

Jessica Ackerman - While living in a tropical locale may sound appealing, the reality is that most of us are pretty much “stuck” wherever we're planted at right now. And although an escape to a tropical island may be the perfect vacation, we can invariably create that same tropical atmosphere in our own homes with just a few simplistic touches. The tips that follow will allow you to bring a touch of the islands to your home, instantly transporting you to the sands whenever you need a lift!

Wooden Accessories

Decorative accessories crafted from wood or wooden materials like wicker or bamboo look right at home in a tropics-inspired room.  Whether you elect to go for small pieces like mirrors framed in wicker and candle sconces made from bamboo, or for larger items like a wooden wall grille, you can add an authentically beautiful touch to your tropical decor with the use of wood.

Palm Tree Themes

Bringing in touches of palm trees to your room is a wonderful way to bring true tropical style to your space. For example, tree wall sculptures or palm tree wall hangings can be beautifully displayed in a prominent spot in the room to draw the mind’s eye to a palm tree lined beach.  A beautiful tapestry throw draped over the back of a sofa or chair that bears a palm tree motif can add to the visual effect that you are looking to create. 

Tropical Plants and Flowers

Perhaps no theme is better suited to the addition of plants and flowers than the tropical or island inspired theme.  Whether you select a lush potted yucca cane tree that resembles a true coconut palm, or opt for some other plant that is native to your region, you can create a beautiful tropical look with plants.  You might also add a touch of wrought iron decor to your space with a beautiful wrought iron plant stand that oozes island appeal. 

Terra Cotta

No island theme is complete without the addition of terra cotta pottery that will blend in quite nicely in any room.  Terra cotta can be used in small touches around the space, such as in terra cotta pots atop the mantel, or by the fireplace.  Or you can go for the look of terra cotta on the floor in the form of terra cotta files for a welcoming island feel. 

Island Furniture

Everything is simpler when you’re on island time, and this includes the furniture.  Choose simple wooden furniture with clean lines.  When possible opt for wicker furniture in light shades of cream or brown or even in white.  

Island Color Palette

Earthy tones and warmer colors are the ideal choices when you are decorating in island style.  Warm yellows, bright watermelons, lime greens, and soft corals are all great colors for accessories for your island style room.  Add these shades to your room by the way of throw pillows, floor pillows, window treatments and other accents.

Jessica Ackerman is a Design Specialist on the Wall Decor & Home Accents website team.