Train Your Brain to Be More Creative

Irwin Weiner ASID - Recent studies into what the human brain can do and how people learn show us that being in a rut isn't very good for your head. You need to break out of old patterns and try doing things in new ways ... every so often ... to stimulate your brain and stay on your toes. Here's an example: Neurobics is a system of brain training and fun learning exercises that can keep your brain stimulated (at any age). I believe they can help stimulate creativity, too.
One neurobic exercise is to shop at a different grocery store. Think about it - that will cause your brain to make new associations and become more perceptive and sharper. Or I like the neurobics exercise of combining two different senses at the same time, like closing your eyes and listening to music while smelling a fragrant flower. Brain studies show that you're stimulating your mind and helping to strengthen your ability to perceive, understand, and process information.
There's always an interior design application for me in this type of activity! I believe it's a valid neurobics activity to look critically at a room that's been undecorated for more than 10 years, and think of ways to freshen it up, change things around, or move out art, lighting, and furniture that's been in place forever and bring other items into the room. Decorating equals brain stimulation. And that's a Dr. Irwin Weiner prescription for all of you at home today....
Today's featured video is about a brain training center in California that helps stimulate the brain. I found this stimulating and informative enough to make me want to redecorate the kitchen in my country house. Seriously! I look forward to sharing more about this new project with you in the coming weeks. It will keep my brain well stimulated for years to come.