Plinth & Chintz: Intelligent Interior Design Blog

Irwin Weiner ASID - There are many great interior design blogs. We just wrote about 5 Interior Design Blogs We Can't Live Without in our Williams-Sonoma Designer Marketplace column, but we realized that we could have expanded the list to 100 or more different blogs ... and kept on going from there.

We love the different viewpoints expressed online by designers. The blogosphere is filled with information galore, with talented pros sharing their tips and secrets, their resources, their experience and knowledge, and the work of other designers that inspire them to work harder and better. 

One of the blogs we love is Plinth & Chintz, created by Dallas interior designer Laura McDonald Stewart. First, watch the following video to learn more about Laura's fascinating background and how she came to start her blog - this is a good example of what ASID is doing in their "Thought Leader" video series, showcasing designers who have the special knowledge and training to "bring it on" for commercial and residential design clients. Forever dispelling the notion that interior designers can only pick out colors and throw pillows, ASID is helping to educate the public by highlighting the talents, education, and vast amounts of training that go into our best industry professionals.


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