Avoid Halloween Decoration Overkill

Irwin Weiner ASID - Tis the season to be kitschy ... and I can say that about any holiday that demands redecorating your home to fit the season. For Halloween and any other season, I abhor the compulsion some homeowners have to create a holiday vignette everywhere you look. Jack-o-lanterns at the front door, witch cutouts on the windows, Halloween lights strung up on the eaves, ghost tea towels in the guest bath - you get the idea. 

Totally overboard.

Here and there, it's alright to add a holiday-themed accent, like the Woman's Day Felted Mummy Doll craft (top photo) added to the throw pillows on your sofa, a few Halloween silhouettes clustered together on a wall (below, top photo), or a Candy Corn inspired centerpiece - simple to make, yet imaginative - on your dining room table (bottom photo). These ideas prove that you can avoid store-bought kitsch and add festive holiday touches (touches, not whole-room holiday makeovers) if you apply a little do-it-yourself initiative.


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