Cardboard Office


Irwin Weiner ASID - This featured video is a gas! It takes me back to my childhood, playing inside big empty cardboard boxes. Cardboard was a little tyke's wonder material. Versatile, light, but strong. An empty fridge box was a castle. A produce box was a car or a jet. The advertising design agency Nothing Amsterdam took cardboard a step further and used strong honeycombed panels to construct most of their office. Talk about smart. 

Check out these folks as resources for cardboard furniture and accessories when decorating your home: Cardboard Furniture Store (lots of DIY advice), Leo Kempf (look for the great cardboard projects), Crooked Brains (great catchall post on cardboard furniture), Karton Art Design (cardboard goes chic), and Low Impact Living (featured cardboard creations, including kids furniture).


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