Art Tour: Dennis Hopper



Irwin Weiner ASID - My partner and I went to Vienna several years ago and saw an amazing art exhibit of works by artist/actor Dennis Hopper. We came away astounded that this man could tackle basically any kind of artistic project - not to mention movie acting. His photographs, large-scale paintings, collages, sculptures, and other works had great energy and color sense. And they were beautifully executed. He wasn't a "sprinkle paint on a canvas" kind of guy.

So no surprise when we found this video interview of Hopper, now deceased, talking about his extensive art collection. He began collecting in the 1950s and selected works that "he got," works that added to his understanding of himself and the world, defining and challenging him. I was particularly touched by his reference to only being a "steward" of these works of art, that with our ephemeral humanity, we can only take good care of art as long as we are alive.




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