Architect Nathalie Wolberg

Irwin Weiner ASID - French architect Nathalie Wolberg likes to experiment, and she's created a high tech home for she and her family to live in. Love being a lab rat? Well, that's not exactly the case here, as I'd gladly volunteer to live in Nathalie's amazing world of sophisticated lighting, slide-away partitions, stow-away seating and nooks - and even a relaxation net stretched out over a missing section of floor (reminds me of the net at the prow of a catamaran I sailed in last January in the Bahamas). You'll see in the following video how the architect loves to have her Maison NW spaces function on many levels: comfort, beauty, utility, and multiple functions. When something is not in use, slide it away and out of sight! When you want to add drama, change the lighting, color, and mood with the flick of a switch. I predict many more homes will be built following Nathalie Wolberg's practical and aesthetic vision. 



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