Is Furniture Art?



Irwin Weiner ASID - Plato talked about the ideal "form" behind the reality of things - and without wigging out on philosophical theory, he talked about how no two tables are alike, but that they each shared a quality which he called "tableness." This Plum TV video goes to the DesignMiami show and asked artists and furniture designers if furniture is art or not. This is the same argument that Plato made. If you have a sofa, but it looks cutting edge and "artistic," is it art or is it furniture? The video says there's a degree of "artness" about some furniture as well as a degree of "sofaness" or utility as a piece of furniture. Dali once made a polished brass chair (see photo above of his Leda Chair). Is it art or furniture? You can definitely sit in it, but an artist made it - so there's a conundrum to mull over!



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