Tom Dixon


Irwin Weiner ASID - It's fine to be an adult and yet want to be like someone else "when I grow up." True confession: It would be fun to come back in my next life as someone like British designer Tom Dixon. My interior design business keeps me round-the-clock manic, and the work of running a service-oriented business focuses each waking hour on channeling creativity to my clients' projects. (And so there's no misunderstanding, I love what I do and my clients are tops.) But IF I had some spare time, I would love to design furniture. I would blend new materials and old ideas into fresh twists that bring life to an interior. I appreciate Tom's work, take my hat off to him, envy him a lot, and hope to win the Lottery someday. If I did hit the jackpot, I'd take a little time off and be like Tom - not that he's got anything to worry about. His niche is very secure.

Some Tom Dixon favorites of mine (click on the photo for more information):


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