White Marble Bowl

The clever shape of this white marble bowl by Brooklyn's DESU Design is what makes it an instant classic and collectible. The White Marble Valas is named after the Finnish word valas, which means whale; the designer was inspired by the underside of the great whale displayed in Manhattan's American Natural History Museum, and the gentle scoop of the bowl in beautiful white marble is stunning. We've called this piece "a candy dish on steroids," but it's so much more. You can treat/seal the white marble so it resists stains and oil marks, then you can put practically anything in it, from flowers to fruit. The bowl must weigh in at over 15 pounds and it's 20 inches long and 9 inches wide, adding scale to your coffee table, centerpiece, or tablescape. Interior designer Irwin Weiner shows off the bowl, which he proudly displays in his NYC apartment.

Jay Johnson1 Comment