New Year's Eve Decorating Forecast


Irwin Weiner ASID - The year 2010 was filled with growing and shrinking pains for most designers and vendors in the home decorating industry. Those who were bold took big steps to expand and strengthen their businesses as the economy faced challenges. Billboards reminded us that Microsoft started its business during a recession. Our business is all about forecasting trends and tastes and always trying to stay ahead of the curve, so many of us found it comfortable and even exhilarating to surf tough times and come out well by the close of the year.

What will 2011 bring? Here are my predictions.  

  • More focus on grays and scaled-back jewel tones, less on metallics and warm creams and beiges
  • More quirky handmade furnishings and accessories, less on sterile, hotel-like clone furnishings
  • Stronger individuality in home decorating, less on following the tastes of taste-makers
  • We'll get tired of mid-century modern and retro and shift to contemporary furniture by true artists
  • Fresh new architecture, like the new Lincoln Center in NYC, brings new life to sterile modernism
  • Homeowners will focus on quality design and furnishings versus budget options and cost cutting

Happy New Year to everyone from Design2Share! May it be a year filled with good health, joy, and beautiful decorating. We thought it fitting to bring you Mr. New Year's Eve himself, Guy Lombardo, in this video from the late 1950s. Fun fact: Lombardo was the official New Year's media guy from 1929 to 1976. Our interiors should only date so well!



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