Gifts for the Collector

Collections make everything easy! For the homeowner who does the collecting, it's easy to group related objects together for quick displays and interesting tablescapes. Our "quick decorating" video shows you a few ways to display those small collections. For people looking for holiday gifts, if you make it known what you like to collect, then you'll signal to others a theme for presents. Let's say you collect antique perfume bottles; now friends and family know what you'd like to collect and they can gear their shopping accordingly. Go on eBay or other auction websites, type in keywords for what you're looking for, and you can purchase an instant collection. We did that one year with antique Thanksgiving salt and pepper shakers; we were able to scoop up a dozen inexpensively, have them in time for the big feast, decorate the table with them, and then have an interesting post-holiday collection. Keep curating what you have so it doesn't get out of hand. Sell what you no longer love to make room for new, exciting pieces.



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