Holiday Table Decor

The soothing, calm, confident voice and decorating and gardening talents of P. Allen Smith make him the male equivalent of a M. Stewart. He brings us into his beautiful home, always with a roaring holiday fire in the background, and shows us something "quick and easy" that he just throws together. Perfectly. Without breaking a sweat. But far from hating the perfectionist final results, we can get some nifty tips from how he puts something together. Mr. Smith will sell you his holiday collection basic centerpiece (click on the link below) or you can use your own greenery and stick them in a florist clay base. Purchase a few skinny tin trays, fill them with water (put something underneath to protect your table surface from moisture and scratches), and set wet florist clay forms along the trays. This becomes the perfect medium for sticking in all the fresh greenery and other materials. Keep the clay and trays watered regularly and your greens should last a few weeks. Florist picks are also essential; wire them onto the end of ornaments and other items and stick them wherever you need along the centerpiece. Check out the P. Allen Smith holiday collection with Berry Family of Nurseries for instant fresh wreaths, garlands, and centerpieces.

Jay JohnsonComment