The Decorative Carpet

We were fortunate to interview author Alix G. Perrachon of The Decorative Carpet: Fine Handmade Rugs in Contemporary Interiors  on the night of her official book launch.

This is a much-needed look at how 32 of today's top interior designers - including Design2Share's Irwin Weiner ASID - use carpets in their design schemes. This advice ranges all over the map, as you'd expect from a diverse group of talented people. Each follow her or his muse, starting with colors, ending with colors; building a room design around a rug, ending a room design with a rug; and so on. This book is key inspiration for anyone who needs home decorating inspiration, including the homeowner who wants to learn more about how to dive in to the many carpet and rug options available today, at any price point. Finally, as published by The Monacelli Press, this book is a real beauty. The interiors are all inspired, from a great sampling of older and younger designers who are all performing at the top of their games.

A big thank-you to the decorative carpet folks at the Michaelian & Kohlberg Manhattan showroom at 225 East 59th Street for hosting this book launch in style.

Jay Johnson1 Comment