Fall Flower Arrangement

There is nothing worse than a bad flower arrangement. We've seen the huge clump of flowers that stick up far too high above a dinky vase. How about the jungle of flowers that blocks everyone's view in the center of the dining table? Here's a how-to video to make a fall flower arrangement that cleverly makes use of large branches - they'll last a long time - and flowers - which will usually last a week, in time for a special party or family gathering. This is a tall arrangement meant to be used on a sideboard or centerhall table. You can also use it as a dramatic tah-dah (!) flourish as a centerpiece, but be sure to move it to a buffet or side table when your guests are seated at the table. There's nothing worse than cutting off everyone's view during the meal.

You may be wondering why there's a big photo of kale here! Small flowering kale heads are cleverly used in this unique fall arrangement.

Jay Johnson1 Comment