Paris Flea Markets

You will find the brilliance of European antiquities in the treasures offered in the many flea markets in Paris. The Saint Ouen Flea Markets features hundreds and hundreds of shops and vendors, and here are some of the recommended dealers within the Saint Ouen cluster:

  • Le Monde de Voyage, Marche Serpette, Stand 15, Allee 3
  • Du Billiard au Comptoir, Marche Serpette, Stand 9, Ailee 4
  • Giles Deriot, Marche Serpette, Stand 37, Ailee 1
  • Maison James, Marche Serpette, Stand 00, Allee 0
  • D'Ythurbe, Marche Serpette, Stand 25, Allee 6
  • S.A.D., Marche Paul-Bert
  • Bachelier Antiquities, Marche Paul-Bert, Stand 17, Allee 1

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