Master Bedroom Design

Q: What Are The Trends In Master Bedroom Design?

Decorating is a moving target. Trends come and go, and even how we use the master bedroom is evolving. In this Design2Share Q&A episode, Nicola and Irwin delve into the latest trends in decorating and kitting-out your inner sanctum. You will learn about the his-and-her wave that's sweeping closet space and bathrooms (and even extending to separate bedrooms), alternative ways to decorate the master suite, amenities and those little extras that will turn your bedroom suite into a relaxing haven, TV tips to keep the tube hidden when you're not watching, the hot electric bed movement, remote controls to do everything except brush your teeth, Irwin's recommendation for laundering pillow cases, and our favorite tip (hint: you can sell your iron).

Download Episode 15 of Design2Share Q&A (MP4 57MB)