Decorating a Half Bath

Q: What Should I Consider When Decorating My Half Bath?

You would freak out if you knew how many years the average person spends using the toilet. It's not a pretty fact, but it's a fact that your toilet can be in a very beautiful room (and that's what counts in the end)! Nicola Chernicoff and Irwin Weiner take you onsite to a powder room and in this episode they will cover the resale value of adding half baths to your floor plan, what elements make up a typical powder room as opposed to a bathroom, how to add whimsy and style to bathroom decor, the latest trends and appliances to make this room greener and higher functioning, the early days of bathrooms (and we're talking sitting on stone, people!), the glam days of powder rooms, Irwin's pet peeves about bathrooms (and other outrageous bathroom humor), and a special tip about quiet, energy-saving toilets.

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