Decorating with Collections

Q: Can I Use My Collections When I Decorate?

If you're like many people, you like to collect odd things like old photos, paperweights, Hummels, or imported beer cans. Now that you've done the packrat thing, we see no reason not to incorporate these treasures into your decorating scheme. Nicola and Irwin, our Design2Share co-hosts, take you inside a home proudly displaying collectibles to cover a few decorating basics: how to use collections to express your personality, how to entertain with collections, using flea markets and eBay to add and subtract to your collections, how to group collections for best display, and how collections can enhance your home's color scheme and style. Irwin also waxes poetic about collectible insects, so please don't miss the buzz!

Download Episode 13 of Design2Share Q&A (M4V 35MB)

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