First Impressions


Q: How Can My Home's Interior Make a Great First Impression?

For many homes, the foyer is the first interior space you see after coming through the front door. It's a crucial transition point from the outside to your indoor environment, and our show hosts Nicola and Irwin discuss ways to make a memorable first impression when decorating a foyer. Their tips and advice will help you create a dramatic, inviting, and entertaining space that will greet you when you come home and welcome all visitors. This episode covers the origins of the foyer in the French theater, color hierarchies for foyers and adjoining rooms, creating a sense of drama, adding functional and convenient features, the importance of lighting (and why many foyers have lanterns hanging down from the ceiling), dramatic and inviting themed displays, and how to welcome guests when you're throwing a party. And we tell you how lice became one of the most important factors in designing the features of early foyers!