Objects that Will Polarize Your Family and Friends

Jay Johnson - There isn't a chance that people will keep quiet for a second when they first see an object displayed in your home like the lifesize headless, deformed ceramic figure shown above. And that's the "beauty" of weird objects; they start conversations, they add red hot pepper flakes to your decor, and they're anything but boring. If you're tired of looking at the same old pastoral landscape hanging on your living room wall, why not replace it with the mysterious painting below, wait for the quizzical comments to come, and then spring the title of the piece on them: "Oh, yes. This painting is called God."

But what's the point of antagonizing your family and friends and stirring up controvery by including such objects in your home decor? First and foremost, that shouldn't be your main goal. Include only objects you really love in your home. Feel passionate about including something "odd" or "strange" only if it tweaks your imagination, tickles your fancy, or inspires you with its strange "beauty" - and such beauty will be only in the eyes of the beholder, as such objects will inspire a range of comments, from "You're outta your skull" to "I'd never have that in MY home!" But some will come to the rescue and love it, too. If your visitors saw the metal-seated chair with a portrait painted on its back (below), some might love the humor they see in it. "What the heck?!"

Or people might actually love the folk art quality of this 19th Century yellow wooden paint bucket (below), layered with years of encrusted red paint.

Or you might get people who fall in love with Delphin Massier's Majolica Dancing Frogs (below).

Or folks might find great humor and even utility when they see that you have a pair of Sculptural Feet Foot Stools or End Tables (below).

But they might not, and think you're out of your mind. Yet, that's neither here nor there if you really enjoy the pieces, find them humorous, or are moved by their bizarre beauty. And in the grand scheme of a wonderfully eclectic interior design scheme, these pieces will most certainly spice up your home and give everyone something to talk about.