Decorating Tips: Use Artwork Consciously

Danielle McAnn - Art is how we express tastes and desires. Art within the home is the best way to transform a room from generic to intimate. Walls really can talk if you give them the opportunity. Decorating a blank wall will change the look and energy of a space immediately, by drawing the eye to a certain part of the room.

The difficulty is finding art to fit perfectly into your home, art that is adapted to your tastes and will endure for many years to come. With a wall hanging or framed work of art, the possibility for expression and detail is infinite, so you need to follow your instincts and trust your intuition when deciding on what you want. After all, you should be living with it for a long time, so you need to really be in love with it. It will become part of your life and the visual memory others will have of your home.

Color is a good way to begin to choose. The color you select in your artwork should enhance and reflect the color of your room and serve as a complement. Here's an example: earth tones of wood, rust, and ocher are popular as they give a natural and calm feel to a room. Take the example of the wall hangings pictured here, from the decor company Entanglements. (Click on each photo for more product information.)

Try these art tips for decorating your home.

  • If you want something to break up the room, use bright or unexpected colors.
  • Use the scale and size of your piece to your advantage. A large piece will make a determined statement, whereas smaller-scale pieces give a delicate, compartmentalized feeling.
  • Lots of contrasting small pieces will allow you to create the sensation of energy and detail, rather than the overwhelming sensation of simplicity given by a single large object.
  • If you like smaller art pieces, consider a series of similar or matching pieces that can be hung next to each other or in different parts of a space, to link the room through a common thread.
  • Shape is important too. If you have many hard edges or right angles in your space, a round shape could potentially look out of place or it could provide a welcome break for the eye.

Whatever art you choose for your home, just make sure you love it.